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Letting Go of Comfort Food and Finding Comfort in Something Else

At one time or another we all have gone for comfort food which help us bear a pain or suffering or even a bad mood we are going through. Different people have different picks of comfort food. However, most of us find comfort in food such as ice cream and chocolate. Some of you might even find comfort in eating a cheesy, belly warming, tasty and scrumptious pizza.

However, though these food items actually do provide us with the comfort we are looking for they have a way of hurting us too. They have a way of making us unhealthy in the long term and sometimes in the short term too.

Dangers of Comfort Food Eating

What most of us do not realize is that these choice comfort food items can actually have quite a negative impact on our health. If you are generally a happy person and the days you seek this comfort food are rare, then, you might be fine as you will be consuming them only rarely. However, if you have more blues than a normal person you will be eating these comfort food items more often. We have to also consider the fact that a person eats comfort food until he or she feels good. So, that could mean consuming a lot of this food that are high in sugar, fat and salt.

For someone who wants to lead a healthy life this kind of food consumption is not going to be providing comfort in the long run when you have to deal with the physical problems created by such food consumption. That is why all of us should find an alternative way to find comfort than food.

Finding an Alternative Way to Get Comfort

There are some of us who go looking for a good book or a book we love instead of a tub of ice cream when something that hurts our heart has happened. There is no good reason for all of us to not find some kind of a consoling passion that can give us the comfort we are looking for at a bad moment instead of comfort food. Some find solace in music, dancing, painting and even sleeping. Everyone does have some kind of a different way of dealing with pain than eating their hearts out. So, therefore, make sure to find that other way of finding comfort rather than eating unhealthy food.

If all of us follow this method and let go of comfort food as a way to console ourselves we can be healthier human beings.



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